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why get dental implants?

Dental implants restore missing teeth in a way that cannot be achieved any other way. Why? Because dental implants are the only tooth solution that goes beyond replacing not only the tooth itself but also replacing the tooth root. They maintain bone structure after tooth extraction, avoiding excessive bone resorption and consequent changes in jaw and facial contours. Since they are integrated into the jaw, dental implants maintain their position, helping preserve contours, contacts, profile, and overall balance within the oral structure. They also help avoid tilting of neighbor teeth and maintain the health of neighbor teeth and gum as close as it should be when the natural tooth existed.

Undergoing a procedure for dental implants at our Montecito office will undoubtedly help you replace your missing teeth, but it also comes with several other oral health advantages. For the best results with dental implants in Santa Barbara and Montecito have to offer, contact us today.

patient smiling wide after dental implants in Santa Barbara

what are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants can help reduce the pain in the jaw, face or neck that often comes with shifting teeth. After your dental implant surgery, you will notice this discomfort slowly disappearing. Over time, the formation of your facial tissues will see a big improvement, which can also make you look more youthful. Missing teeth may have left you unable to chew, digest or even speak properly. With your dental implant surgery, you will be able to resume these normal daily activities better than ever.

Roots of teeth are important because they support the surrounding bone structure. When a tooth is lost, the bone will begin to deteriorate, compromising your remaining teeth and total body health. This is also the reason why many people who have worn dentures for years, develop “sunken” or “aged” facial features.

Placing dental implants involves a simple surgery. This might sound scary, but modern anesthesia techniques, advanced technology, and new surgical procedures make dental implant placement very comfortable. In fact, implant surgery can be more comfortable than having a tooth pulled. Many patients are surprised by how comfortable the surgery and recovery are.

giving you a new reason to smile

If you are considering replacing one or more missing teeth, you may be exploring your different options. There is no doubt modern dentistry provides us with a number of strong and beautiful ways to replace missing teeth. At Riviera Smiles, we provide dentures, bridges, and dental implants Montecito and Santa Barbara patients find give them new reasons to smile. However, when asked which option is best, Dr. Martinez quickly answers:

I strongly believe that implants are currently the best solution for replacing missing teeth in a way that closely matches the natural dentition.

Dr. Ana Martinez

What is the process of getting dental implants?

When getting dental implants it might take a few months in order to complete the entire fitting process. In the first consultation with Dr. Martinez, you can discuss all the concerns you have with your current teeth. After a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, Dr. Martinez will be able to decide on the right procedure for you. Once the treatment plan has been decided, you can choose a date to begin your dental implant procedure.

The process begins by taking X-rays and molds of your jaw and teeth. Doing so will allow Dr. Martinez to understand your bone and gum structure in a much better way, while also evaluating the spacing available for fitting an implant.

Following this, you will be called in for your surgery to place the implant into the dental bone.

Once the surgery is complete, Dr. Martinez caps the dental implant with a natural-looking porcelain crown. The crown will fit snugly over the implant, so it looks like it’s coming directly out of the gum tissue just like the tooth you were born with. With the final product, you can enjoy eating, speaking, laughing, and caring for your teeth just as you did before your tooth was lost.

woman working after dental implants in Santa Barbara

What is the recovery period like?

Although getting dental implants is a life-changing surgery, it is quite a simple one. Most patients report feeling absolutely comfortable to return to work the very next day. Any mild pain or discomfort can easily be treated by over-the-counter medicines, which will be prescribed to you by Dr. Martinez. To fully recover from dental implant surgery, it may take at least four months. During this time, your jaw and teeth will be aligning themselves in place to adjust with your new implants.

You will be called into our clinic for a routine check-up which will help Dr. Martinez evaluate the health of your new implants. In the process, you will be informed if any adjustments are required.

Following your procedure, Dr. Martinez will be more than happy to brief you about the various dos and don’ts associated with the aftercare of your new implants. You will be instructed to maintain good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits.


Why do people choose to get dental implants?

Dental implants are the closest thing one can get to a natural, healthy tooth replacement option. They have a natural appearance, provide the impression of being solid and sturdy, and are fixed in place inside the gum. An artificial tooth root called a dental implant is utilized to replace a lost tooth on the gums, giving you back your beautiful smile. Dental implants may be the most innovative way to replace a single missing tooth or a number of missing teeth at one time.

Benefits of dental implants

Getting dental implants has a number of benefits. For instance, dental implants improve your appearance and sense of confidence since they repair your teeth in a manner that makes you feel more at ease smiling and proudly showing off your perfect smile.

Your dental implants can also stop your jawbone from breaking down and your facial muscles from sagging. With dental implants, you will also be able to chew and talk more normally. Most importantly, dental implants look and work like real teeth and can be a permanent solution to missing teeth if they are cared for properly.

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are a good choice for people who have lost some or all of their teeth and want a permanent solution. That said, when getting dental implants, you also need to have healthy gum tissue. People who smoke a lot or don’t take care of their teeth are more likely to have their dental implants fail. Our Santa Barbara implant experts will give you a thorough evaluation before your surgery to figure out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

What is the cost of dental implants?

At Riviera Smiles in Santa Barbara, we provide transparent and consistent pricing, beginning at $900 for an implant or $2,000 for an implant and crown. The price depends on the patient and what they need, and we’ll break it down for you when we meet with you.

Before & After!

don't hesitate to replace missing teeth

If you have missing teeth and you are currently exploring your replacement options, call Riviera Smiles to schedule your consultation with Dr. Martinez, a top dentist in Montecito. Our dental implants in Santa Barbara and Montecito are the natural way to replace missing teeth!

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