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We accept most dental insurance plans. In some cases, regular health insurance may also cover all or part of the costs. We accept major credit cards and offer financing through CareCredit, Sunbit, Lending Club, and Alphaeon. We’ll happily answer any insurance-related questions when you make your appointment.


Dental Insurance Coverage

When a dental clinic says they “accept your insurance,” they simply file a claim on your behalf with your insurance company. However, you must note that insurance typically covers only procedures deemed “medically necessary” according to their criteria.

You can contact your insurance company for “pre-approval” on a claim, but this does not guarantee payment. Dealing with insurance complexities can be time-consuming and detract from the personal attention we want to dedicate to you and your dental care. At our practice, we prioritize dedicating our efforts and time to our patients rather than navigating the complexities of insurance acceptance.

Instead, we collaborate with third-party companies like CareCredit and Lending Club to offer flexible financing options. Additionally, we can provide you with a list of 0% credit card choices. Please note that we do not offer in-house payment plans, and all services must be pre-paid when scheduled. This approach minimizes cancellations and reschedules, allowing us to provide intimate, one-on-one dentistry in a calm and personalized setting.

As a service to our patients, we are pleased to offer the CareCredit® card, the nation’s leading patient payment program. With CareCredit® you can finance 100 percent of your dental care. There are no upfront costs, no annual fees, and no prepayment penalties.

CareCredit® offers a range of payment plans, so you can find one that works best for you. They offer payment plans with no interest charges if you pay your balance in full within the specified time period. For procedure fees from $1,000 and up, CareCredit® offers 24-, 36-, or 48-month plan options with low monthly payments. CareCredit® can be used by the whole family for ongoing treatment without having to reapply. Please speak to our staff for more details.


Sunbit is a trusted financing partner that offers convenient and accessible payment solutions for dental care. With a user-friendly approach, Sunbit makes the financing process seamless and hassle-free. By providing instant decisions and flexible payment plans, they ensure you receive the treatment you deserve without financial stress.

Sunbit offers flexible payment plans ranging from 3, 6, to 12 months (and extended options of 6-72 months for dental care). The application process involves a soft credit check, determining your eligibility without impacting your credit score.


Lending Club is dedicated to making healthcare financing more accessible. With a straightforward application process, they offer budget-friendly plans that suit your specific needs. By filling out the application, you can instantly prequalify for various amounts, APRs, and terms without impacting your credit score until you choose a plan and proceed.

Lending Club provides flexible payment plans, ranging from $500 to $65,000 lasting from 6 to 84 months, with attractive APRs as low as 3.99% and up to 30.99%, including 0% financing options. Moreover, they offer a revolving line of credit plans and ensure seamless payments. With Lending Club, there are no down payments or prepayment penalties, making it a convenient and customer-friendly choice for financing your healthcare needs.

The Alphaeon Credit Card, provided by Comenity Capital Bank, offers a convenient payment solution for a wide range of procedures, treatments, products, and services. Before applying, individuals can pre-qualify to determine their likelihood of approval and the approved credit amount, all without any impact on their credit score.

With an Alphaeon Credit Card, spending $250 or more enables users to access various promotional financing plans, making payment for purchases more manageable. Credit lines offered by Alphaeon Credit Card extend up to $25,000, depending on the individual’s credit quality. The pre-qualification process ensures clarity and peace of mind, allowing users to make informed financial decisions without affecting their credit scores.

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