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Gum Disease Treatment

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preventing gum disease

Dr. Martinez, a dentist in Santa Barbara, CA, knows it is becoming common knowledge that gum disease can lead to tooth loss. However, you may be surprised to learn that the bacteria associated with gum disease can also cause more serious health conditions. Many studies have linked gum disease to an increased risk of:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Certain cancers
  • Difficulty controlling blood sugar levels in diabetes
  • Premature and low birth-weight babies
  • Chronic inflammation and stress

With the serious health risks associated with gum disease, Dr. Martinez offers periodontal therapy to treat gum disease. Using advanced techniques and modern technologies, periodontal therapy is more comfortable and effective than ever before!

Periodontal therapy is customized to patient needs based on diagnostics and a basic plan of action. If it’s discovered that you have gum disease, Dr. Martinez takes the time to discuss your concerns, including how you may have become affected by gum disease, what will happen if it isn’t treated, what will happen if it is treated, and what to expect for the future of your oral health. Often, periodontal therapy will take a number of sessions over the course of several months, and a follow-up plan will be set in place to maintain the healthy condition of your smile.

What are the steps involved in periodontal therapy?

Oral hygiene overhaul
First and foremost, Dr. Martinez will begin the treatment by assessing your current oral care habits. Plaque and tartar are usually the main causes of gum disease, and these usually result from inadequate daily oral hygiene. As part of changing your lifestyle, certain other factors that lead to gum disease such as smoking will have to be stopped. Maintaining consistent oral hygiene is the best way to prevent further damage from gum disease in the future.

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As part of your treatment, Dr. Martinez will definitely include tartar removal as a very important step. A quick visit to our clinic will help you schedule an appointment to get your teeth cleaned. Our dental specialists will be able to remove calcified plaque, tartar, and other bacterial toxins that are festering in the roots of your teeth. This process will thoroughly remove all the unnecessary build-up in your mouth, revealing cleaner and healthier teeth.

In some extreme cases, where the teeth and gums do not respond to the therapy, the patient may need to undergo surgery. Many of our periodontal treatments are completed using Piezo technology and our Diode laser in combination. The Piezo uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves to clean the teeth and deliver gentle gum treatment, removing tartar from above and below the gum line. Then, the more troubled gum tissue is deep cleaned with the laser. Both the Piezo and Diode laser are so proficient, that patients often experience a virtually painless treatment and quick recovery.

The aim of the surgery is to treat the problem at its root and restore a healthy smile as soon as possible. This way, it will also become easier for you to maintain good oral hygiene in the future.

Following the cleaning, Dr. Martinez will call you in for an evaluation to properly determine the response of your gums to the first two steps of the therapy. If there is a positive change to your oral health, the steps will be continued and evaluated to maintain the results of the improvement.

Bite therapy
If your gum disease is triggered by loose teeth, clenching, or teeth grinding, then these issues will be looked into by Dr. Martinez once your teeth and gums are free of inflammation. By solving these core issues, you will be able to get on the track to a healthier smile.

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Dentistry is quicker, safer, and more effective when performed by an experienced dentist in Santa Barbara, CA, who has the best tools available at her fingertips. Call Riviera Smiles today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Martinez!

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