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Metal-free fillings

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metal-free teeth restorations

Do you need a filling but are not excited about a smile full of metal? Or do you wish you could replace your existing metal fillings with something more natural-looking? At Riviera Smiles, we are proud to offer beautiful metal-free dental fillings to our Santa Barbara area patients.

Metal-free fillings are preferred by patients and dentists alike because they are safer and nicer looking than metal fillings. With white composite materials, Dr. Martinez has the ability to restore your tooth in a way that blends naturally with the rest of your smile. Also, the strong bonding properties of metal-free fillings make them a long-lasting solution that adds strength to the tooth and locks out tooth-damaging bacteria.

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What exactly are
metal-free fillings?

Cavities can develop in the teeth even if one practices good oral hygiene. No matter how regularly we brush and floss our teeth, the occurrence of a cavity cannot be predicted. When you have a cavity, the dentist will most likely recommend getting a filling, which traditionally was metallic in nature. The reason metallic fillings were used is because of the understanding that the hard metal would make the tooth stronger and durable. Over time, the ill-effects of metal fillings came to light, and now metal-free fillings are the way to go.

Many studies continue to be done on the health risks of metal fillings. Metal amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is thought to give off a vapor that can be absorbed easily by the body. However, this is a very controversial topic. What is actually known is that metal fillings are, at minimum, damaging to the tooth structure.

This is in part because they expand and contract with temperature changes, putting the tooth at risk of cracking, and allowing bacteria to get trapped beneath the filling. These fluctuations can cause the filling to come loose or detach itself from the tooth. They also can lead to fracturing the tooth structure, a potentially un-restorable condition or poor prognosis of the tooth.

Metal-free fillings are made to avoid the ill-effects of metallic fillings. The metal-free fillings are often called composite fillings and are the most highly recommended type of fillings today. When you come in for a consultation with us, Dr. Martinez, our in-house dental expert will examine your mouth for cavities, and then brief you regarding metal-free fillings.

What are composite fillings?

The other name given to metal-free fillings is composite fillings. They are typically made from a mixture of glass or quartz filler, bonded with a resin medium. The resulting product is a tooth-colored filling that can be chemically attached to the tooth. This technique provides much more support to the tooth in the long-run. The size of the filling is also much smaller as compared to the traditional mercury amalgam fillings. Composite fillings are also highly versatile as they can be used not only for cavities but also to repair chipped or broken teeth.

What are the advantages
of metal-free fillings?

Besides avoiding dental damage, there are quite a few other reasons why you should opt for metal-free fillings:

  • The process of getting metal-free fillings will eliminate the need for drilling the teeth. This offers you a more comfortable and relaxed experience when getting fillings.
  • One of the biggest advantages of metal-free fillings is that they are durable. Metallic fillings are known to cause tooth pain and excessive sensitivity. When you get metal-free fillings, you will find that the tooth holds stronger due to the added support.
  • With metallic fillings, you would be exposed to the risk of the fillings shifting around the mouth. Composite fillings are bonded firmly onto the tooth, therefore eliminating the chances of the cavity being exposed due to movement.
  • One of the biggest concerns with metallic fillings is that they would show themselves when one laughs or talks. Metal-free fillings or composite fillings can be made to match the exact color of your teeth. This means that the filling is practically invisible, giving you a bright and aesthetically-pleasing smile. You can now laugh and smile confidently without the worry of your fillings being visible.

Before & After!

are you ready to
restore your smile?

If you are suffering from dental decay or cavities, it is best to stay away from metallic fillings. With metal-free fillings, you will be well on your way to a healthier and more radiant smile.

At Riviera Smiles, Dr. Martinez provides metal-free dental fillings in the Santa Barbara area as a reliable, more attractive way to restore a tooth in need of a filling. Contact our office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Martinez today!

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