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creating a radiant smile

Do you find your smile lacks sparkle? Would you like to bring some life and vibrancy back to it? Teeth whitening is a quick and affordable way to make teeth whiter and brighter. Dr. Martinez performs teeth whitening Santa Barbara finds safe and effective. This treatment is ideal for most patients wanting to give their smile that “wow” factor!

Our teeth whitening systems are stronger and more effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening products and are only available through professionals. With options in customized take-home trays and prescription-strength gels, as well as in-office treatments, teeth whitening is ideal for all lifestyles and budgets. Dr. Martinez will supervise your treatment, ensuring dramatic results are achieved safely and comfortably.

In-office whitening offers the most immediate results. All it takes is about an hour in our office. First, your teeth are prepared for the whitening gel, which is then applied to your teeth and chemically activated —no special laser or light is needed. And our product is so powerful, it actually continues to whiten your teeth up to 48 hours after leaving the office.

In addition to this, we offer Zoom teeth whitening, a tried-and-true method of achieving those pearly whites effortlessly. Contact our dentist in Santa Barbara today!


What is Zoom teeth whitening?

Zoom Whitening is an in-office teeth-whitening procedure that is carried out by our dentists. This bleaching process is especially known for its ability to brighten teeth from the effects of discoloration. The prominent tool used in this process is the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp, which accelerates the bleaching process by activating the effects of the hydrogen peroxide.

teeth whitening santa barbara

Teeth Whitening Before & After Results!

Who is the right candidate
for Zoom teeth whitening?

Everyone wishes to have a white and bright smile, and especially those suffering from teeth discoloration will significantly benefit from the Zoom teeth-whitening procedure. The causes of teeth discoloration are:

  • Long-time medications, especially antibiotics
  • Smoking, or use of nicotine
  • Genetics and aging
  • Certain diseases, resulting in poor overall health
  • Long-time drinker of coffee, tea, red wine
  • Bad oral hygiene, especially inadequate brushing and flossing
  • Consumption of large amounts of fluoride in childhood years

The above mentioned factors are the most common causes of discoloration of the teeth. Over time, small yellow or brown spots on the teeth can lead to dark stains, making the smile look dull and aged. People who suffer from persistent discoloration of the teeth can certainly take advantage of the Zoom teeth-whitening procedure.

If you are looking to undergo certain cosmetic or restorative dental procedures like getting crowns, veneers, or bridges, you may want to consider getting our teeth whitening procedure in advance. Doing so will ensure that the color of your natural teeth will match the dental prosthesis much better.

Make an appointment today and experience arguably the best teeth whitening Santa Barbara has to offer.

teeth whitening santa barbara

What is the process like?

Step 1

First, you can book an appointment with us to receive a consultation with Dr. Martinez, our in-house dental expert. During your consultation, you can discuss the issues you are facing in regards to your teeth, and Dr. Martinez will examine your mouth. If everything is in order, she will give the approval for the Zoom teeth-whitening procedure.

Step 2

The majority of times, people are advised to go for a dental cleaning procedure beforehand, so that the effects of the teeth-whitening procedure last longer.

Step 3

To start the process, your lips and gums will be covered to ensure that only the teeth are exposed to the light.

Step 4

Next, a specially formulated hydrogen-peroxide gel is applied onto the surface of the teeth, and the light from the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp is directed onto the teeth.

Step 5

The light will activate the effects of the hydrogen peroxide and break it down. This process lasts for 15 minutes and after that, the light is turned off.

Step 6

Our dentist will once again apply a fresh layer of hydrogen peroxide gel onto the teeth and direct the light on the teeth once again. The process is repeated for a total of three times, and the entire procedure can take up to an hour to be completed.

Step 7

As the last step, a specially formulated fluoride gel is applied to the teeth to minimize sensitivity resulting from the procedure.

Step 8

Our dental experts will give you a take-home dental kit which will aid in the proper maintenance of the teeth following the procedure. You will also be briefed about the right practices to be undertaken to prolong the effects of the whitening procedure. Proper maintenance of the teeth-whitening procedure will give you prolonged whitening benefits.

why you'll love Zoom teeth whitening

The Zoom teeth-whitening procedure is especially popular because of its high satisfaction rate. This procedure is safe, has no side effects, and is also performed under the care of a dental expert. The biggest advantage of the Zoom teeth-whitening procedure is that you can see the effects immediately.

If you are tired of hiding your smile behind dull or stained teeth, talk to Dr. Martinez about what she has to offer for teeth whitening in Santa Barbara. Call Riviera Smiles for an appointment today!

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