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The current trend of piercing can look cool, and is a unique way to express ones individuality. But this is one method of expression that is a risky one! A piercing such as rings, barbells, and the ever-so popular studs done in and around the mouth can cause a range of teeth problems. Here are some of the risks of getting an oral piercing:

  1. The mouth is FULL of bacteria. So much so that there is more bacteria in the mouth then people on earth! Because of this it is hard to keep the mouth “sterile” and puts the person at risk for a series infection like herpes, hepatitis, and angina.
  2. Most piercers may have limited knowledge of anatomy and physiology the mouth. If the piercer pierces where a blood vessel is severe bleeding or nerve damage will most likely occur.
  3. The metal or plastic from the piercing can literally rub away the gum tissue. Which can result in reconstructive surgery to repair or even a lost tooth.
  4. High risk of cracking and chipping your teeth. The contact of bumping your tongue jewelry (especially while eating and talking) can cause the tooth enamel to chip away. Exposing sensitive layer of pulp and dentin underneath.
  5. The constant pressure of the piercing against the back of the teeth can conclude in diastema. Which is gaps in your teeth from them loosening and moving.
  6. Biting down hard on the tooth with a piercing can cause a crack which can extend to the nerves of the teeth resulting in a root canal!

If you already have your mindset on getting a piercing or have one that you love and don’t want to take it out, here are a few ways to take care of your piercing and lower your risk of side effects:

  1. If you have any side effects of infection such as fever, chills, red streaks, and swelling around the piercing please contact your physician.
  2. Always remove them when playing sports or doing physical activity.
  3. We know its tempting but try to avoid playing with your jewelry. It helps to not cause damage to your teeth and gums.
  4. Make sure the end of your pricing is tightly in place. It can be a choking hazard if it isn’t.
    Keep your mouth as clean as possible by brushing and flossing daily and rinsing with mouth wash after every meal.
  5. If you read this and notice that you have damage that was caused by a piercing please give the office a call for a consultation and Dr. Martinez will fix you right up! Your teeth will thank you!
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