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Creating Riviera Smiles

Dr. Ana Martinez has spent much of her personal time learning and understanding modern dental techniques, and continues to further her knowledge through continuing education. This is one way our office ensures you are receiving the safest, most effective, and most comfortable dentistry possible. Come to a dentist Santa Barbara trusts.

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We enhance the quality of your experience and treatment with the following technologies:

Electronically driven handpieces:These handpieces offer more power and torque than air turbine handpieces which allows removal of dental decay with less vibration and noise. As a patient, you only feel a gentle spray of water.

Nitrous oxide gas: Although not new, nitrous oxide (a.k.a. “laughing gas”) is available. Essentially it is our insurance policy for your comfort.

Soprolife: This new high‐tech light system can detect tooth decay in its early stages. This system treats cavities when they are small and easily fixed before they reach “root canal and crown” proportions.

Power Whitening: Whitening is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure. This in-office tooth whitening yields dramatic results in a short time making it superior to over the counter products. Combine the bleaching gel, the energy of the activation mix, and a one-hour office visit and you will leave with a brighter, whiter smile.

Intra-oral camera: Have you ever wondered what the dentist was really seeing while looking in your mouth? We use an ultra‐small digital camera connected to a TV monitor to show you the state of your teeth. It helps your understanding of what is really wrong, how it can be fixed, and then see the results.

Computer delivered anesthesia: Patients love this technology formerly called “The Wand.” It is a computer-controlled unit that makes dental injections virtually painless and can be limited to a single tooth. No numbing of the lip, cheek or tongue!

Piezo no-pain and airflow technology: For increased protection of gums during regular and deep cleanings.

Piezo surgical technology: To help reduce the chances of possible complications, surgical bleeding, and post-operative discomfort.

Digital Radiography: A new system that displays x‐rays on a computer monitor. Not only can you see your x-rays better but you will be exposed to 90% less radiation than traditional x‐rays.

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dental amenities

Cutting edge dentistry with a focus on comfort is not enough. We enjoy going the extra mile to give you concierge service and spa‐like amenities.
Wi-Fi internet access: Never miss an e‐mail, tweet or Facebook post.
iPads: Available in every treatment room and can either “take you away” or “keep you in tune” with the real world.
Comfortable reclining massage dental chairs: So cushy that many patients actually fall asleep!
Noise-canceling wireless headphones: Help block out the world for our patients who are sound sensitive.
Dark glasses: Protect you from the glare of those bright dental lights.
Lip balm: Offered at every visit.

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At Riviera Smiles, we are passionate about our patients. We are uncompromising in our technology, your comfort and the quality of your dental care. Put together, it is what makes our patients smile. And it is what makes us Riviera Smiles. Whether your dental services needs are simple or complex, Dr. Ana Martinez and our qualified, caring team are here to help. Come, and enjoy dental care unlike anything you have ever experienced from our Santa Barbara dentist!

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