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Gum contouring

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enhance your smile with gum contouring

Even the whitest, straightest teeth can appear flawed if your gums appear unhealthy or uneven. A beautiful smile needs balance, proportion, and eye-pleasing contours. Gums should be healthy, nicely colored, and nice frames for your teeth. If your gums are preventing your smile from being all it can be, Dr. Martinez can perfect its appearance with gum contouring treatment.

Gum contouring in our Santa Barbara area office is made easy thanks to our Diode soft-tissue laser. The laser makes gum contouring a quick, effective, and virtually pain-free cosmetic treatment. Recovery time is minimal, as the soft tissues of the gums begin healing while the treatment is performed. In very little time, you can have balanced, healthy-looking gums that perfectly frame your teeth and improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Our soft-tissue lasers make gum contouring quick and pain-free!
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Diode lasers have made many dental treatments more precise, effective, and comfortable. Not only is it the perfect tool for our gum contouring treatments, it has also proven to be a great aid in periodontal therapy. Not only can Dr. Martinez remove extra tissue to improve esthetics, the health of your gums will become a stable environment that supports your teeth at a functional level.

Providing comprehensive care and cutting-edge procedures in cosmetic dentistry such as Invisalign is among our many goals at Riviera Smiles. To learn more about laser gum contouring by our Santa Barbara dentist contact our office today.

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