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a beautiful smile for a lifetime

A bright, healthy smile will only last if you give it the attention it needs. This includes a good regimen of oral care on your part as well as regular visits to your dentist for exams and cleanings. At Riviera Smiles, our dentist offers comprehensive exams and teeth cleaning in Santa Barbara with one goal in mind: to help you maintain or improve your smile for a lifetime!

Dental Hygiene appointments also include a thorough cleaning and polishing of your teeth. The type of cleaning suited for you will be determined during your comprehensive exam. Because we choose to only use the best equipment in dentistry, such as our Piezo No-Pain Technology, you can trust your cleaning will be safe, effective, and comfortable.

teeth cleaning santa barbara

our dental hygiene program

Dr. Martinez’s dental hygiene program helps in preventing tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss, and systemic disease. During your comprehensive exam, a series of digital X-rays will be taken, and your gums, teeth surfaces, and previous restorations will be scanned using high-tech dental equipment. Images may be taken using our intra-oral camera, this way Dr. Martinez and our hygiene team can help you understand the present condition of your mouth. A dental hygiene exam is our best chance to identify or prevent even the smallest problems before they become larger.

How often should you get teeth cleaning done professionally?

Our dental experts recommend that you book an appointment for teeth cleaning at least once every year. For better results, it would be ideal to get teeth cleaning sessions every six months.

our steps to teeth cleaning

Here is what you can expect at your teeth-cleaning appointment.

Dental cleaning is absolutely essential in order to maintain good oral health. The process of teeth cleaning has quite a few steps:

1. Consultation

When you come into our clinic for an appointment, our dental expert will first ask you about the concerns you have with your smile. If you are looking for a thorough dental cleaning procedure, our dental specialist will first carry out a physical exam of the mouth using a small mirror. This will help our dentist to get a better understanding of your oral health, and also to rule out any major dental problems.

2. Removing build-up

When we don’t maintain good oral hygiene, our teeth are more susceptible to housing plaque and tartar. This bacteria-filled residue lingers in between your teeth and gums, which can eventually lead to gum disease and tooth decay. The next step of the cleaning process is to remove the plaque and tartar using a scaler. The dentist will use a scraping motion to thoroughly remove all the residue.
The best way to avoid excessive build-up of plaque and tartar is to brush and floss thoroughly at least twice a day.

3. Toothpaste cleaning

The next step of the process is to get an expert toothpaste cleaning. A high-powered electric brush will be used to remove any leftover build-up of plaque and tartar. A grainy toothpaste will also be used in the process, which will help to scrub down the teeth. The process may be a little intimidating at first due to the grinding noise, but it does not cause discomfort. Toothpaste cleaning is best done by dental professionals, as they know the extent of cleaning that is needed for the individual.

4. Expert flossing

Just like an expert toothpaste cleaning, our dentists will carry out an expert flossing session, which will help to improve the health of your gums. You will then rinse your mouth with a mouthwash that contains liquid fluoride.

5. Fluoride treatment

Finally, our dentist will apply a fluoride gel or paste into a mouthpiece and place it over your teeth for about a minute. Fluoride varnish may be applied in order to enable you to drink and eat after the treatment. After this step, you will be ready to see your new, bright smile.

Are there any side effects
to teeth cleaning?

There are no typical side effects to teeth cleaning procedures. The cleansing process might leave your teeth feeling sensitive for a while, but this sensation will subside within a few hours of the procedure. Otherwise, the process is very comfortable and you can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Patient education is important to our doctor and hygiene team. We strive in every case to offer the very best teeth cleaning Santa Barbara has to offer. Once your cleaning is complete, our team will take the time to discuss the many ways you can maintain your oral health between dental visits. This is also a good time to ask questions about your hygiene habits, the products you use on your teeth, and any treatment that may be needed.

Teeth cleaning is an excellent way to prevent dental decay, cavities, discoloration, and gum diseases. Besides this, thorough teeth cleaning sessions will leave your teeth looking bright and radiant.

why choose Riviera Smiles?

We know you have a lot of options to choose from when looking for a dentist in the Santa Barbara area. That’s why Dr. Martinez aims to provide you with a truly amazing experience and a team you can trust. Call Riviera Smiles to schedule your comprehensive exam and cleaning today!

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