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Dental Crowns
Santa Barbara

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Do you want a flawless smile?

In order to assist our Santa Barbara patients in regaining healthy, fully functional smiles, we take great delight in providing a wide range of excellent restorative services and treatments. Crowns for the teeth are one of our most well-liked procedures and considered to be an industry-leading dental treatment. To perfectly complement your smile, we customize your dental crown in Santa Barbara to fit the color and form of your other teeth and ensure that your smile looks as flawless as possible.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are ceramic crowns in the form of teeth that fully encase natural teeth. They are a flexible kind of tooth repair that may be used for both restorative and aesthetic reasons. Crowns are useful dental restorations that may improve a tooth’s aesthetics as well as its health.

Who can benefit from dental crowns?

A dental crown may often protect both your oral health and your natural tooth. Thinking about getting a crown? If you possess any of the following, you could be the ideal candidate for a dental crown:

  • Misshapen or broken teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Teeth that are getting implants
  • Significantly discolored teeth
  • Teeth that have gotten root canal therapy
  • Weak or sensitive teeth
patient getting crown in santa barbara

The benefits of dental crowns

They reduce or remove pain from specific teeth

When you bite into hot, cold, or sweet meals, teeth that are worn down over time might hurt and be sensitive. Cracked teeth might also cause pain of a different kind. A dental crown in Santa Barbara may shield your tooth from sensitivity and shield you from the pain and discomfort that comes with broken teeth.

They avoid more costly procedures

Teeth that are broken, cracked, or worn down might allow bacteria and germs to enter the inside of the tooth. This may result in infections, tooth deterioration, and/or loss that may need dentures, bridges, or dental implants. You may keep your teeth and spend less on crowns compared to other forms of tooth replacement operations by sealing fractures and addressing minor issues early.

They serve an aesthetic purpose

Crowns may cover permanent stains and smooth out flaws and cracks in addition to correcting common dental aesthetic issues.


How much time does it take to get a dental crown?

At least two visits are necessary for the fitting of your dental crown in Santa Barbara. The purpose of the first session is to clean the teeth, reshape it, and cover it with a temporary plastic crown. The completed crown will be examined at the subsequent session, and if its appearance, functionality, and fitness are found to be suitable, our dental crown expert will cement it in place.

Is the process painful?

Typically, areas of your mouth with little to no nerve tissue are used to place your crown. This implies that there isn’t much there to sense pain. If the crown is covering a painful or sensitive area, you could feel pain, but your dentist will give you anaesthetic so that you just feel a little discomfort while the treatment is being done.

How do you take care of your dental crown?

Santa Barbara patients may discover that their crown has chipped, loosened, or come off over time, just as any natural tooth would. This could occur after many years of usage, however it is readily fixed by re-fitting or reinserting the crown to the teeth.

After having a crown, the skilled expert will probably advise you to stay away from sticky, chewy, or hard food as it may be susceptible to early loosening or chipping.

Depending on the material used to build them, how they are worn, and how well the patient takes care of them, most crowns may last anywhere from five to fifteen years. After the crown has been securely affixed, it normally requires the same level of maintenance as a regular tooth.

What is the cost of dental crowns in Santa Barbara?

Depending on the materials used in them and the scope of your insurance coverage, dental crown prices may vary. Before insurance, costs might range from $600 to $1500. Depending on your plan and provider, your insurance may pay some or all of this expense. For a more accurate estimate of what a dental crown could cost you, contact your insurance company right away.

Schedule your dental crown treatment at Riviera Smiles in Santa Barbara

For years, the skilled cosmetic dentists at Riviera Smiles Advanced Dentistry have used high-quality dental crowns to help residents repair their smiles.

Our dentists pay close attention to your requirements and are delighted to provide you with the clarifications and details you want to feel at ease and confident throughout your treatment. Riviera Smiles specializes in a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures including Invisalign. To learn more about dental crowns in Santa Barbara contact us today or make an appointment directly online.

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