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Are Fastbraces quicker than traditional braces?

Do you want straighter teeth but don’t want to have your mouth covered in metal for a few years? The metal wires utilized in Fastbraces technology are still employed, but far less so than in conventional braces, and the treatment period is drastically shortened. Thousands of patients across the globe have benefited from Fastbraces, which can be your fast track to a newer, brighter smile. Because of this, the team at Riviera Smiles is thrilled to be able to provide our patients with this treatment for braces in Santa Barbara, which will enable them to get the ideal smile of their dreams much more quickly than through more conventional means.

What are Fastbraces?

With the amazing new orthodontic technique Fastbraces, patients can essentially have their ideal results in a very short amount of time. With just one wire applied to each row of teeth, Fastbraces not only seems to be a less intrusive form of teeth straightening, but it also moves teeth far more quickly than conventional braces. In many cases, patients only need their Fastbraces for 100 days since they work so rapidly.

In the two-step procedure of traditional braces, the first year is spent moving the roots and the second year is spent moving the crowns. Teeth may be straightened, including the roots, into an upright posture from day one with Fastbraces technology. Additionally, Fastbraces employs a proprietary technique to treat gingivitis brought on by misaligned teeth and repair alveolar bone. Alveolar bone is created using gentle pressures via a procedure called ortho eruption, and in certain circumstances it may be so successful that patients can avoid having their teeth extracted or even undergoing jaw surgery.

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Benefits of Fastbraces in Santa Barbara

  • More practical
  • Just one wire
  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Faster procedure that often lasts within 100 days
  • Rebuilds the alveolar bone
  • Cures gingivitis brought on by crooked teeth


How do Fastbraces work?

Teeth that fail to correctly crown, coming out slanted, sideways, overlapped, or spaced apart, are the main source of orthodontic problems. The positioning and alignment of the tooth root is the primary cause of each of these problems.

The Fastbraces wire bracket system straightens the teeth’s roots starting with the first session. This, along with more accurate bracket placement made possible by computer-guided treatment regimens, enables the device to function over far shorter periods of time than traditional braces.

Why should Fastbraces be used in place of traditional fixed braces?

  • Fastbraces are more efficient than conventional braces.
  • They are particularly discrete due to the variety of transparent braces that are available.
  • There are less risks of developing a decay issue since it is simple to maintain good oral care.
  • These braces are comfortable since they are lighter and more flexible than conventional braces.
  • The patient may immediately get Fastbraces. Prior to receiving treatment with Fastbraces, a patient does not need to undergo jaw surgery or tooth extraction.
  • Since the root begins to move right away during the Fastbraces procedure, root resorption is not a concern.

Who is eligible to receive the Fastbraces treatment?

The age range for this is unlimited. Everyone, including kids, teens, and adults, may benefit from Fastbraces. It is also appropriate for patients who have gaps between their teeth, crooked teeth, or excessive tooth crowding. People often experience these issues as a result of their heredity, malnutrition, poor tooth hygiene, and other oral behaviors. If you are interested in a treatment like braces in Santa Barbara, you are eligible.

Are Fastbraces safe?

The teeth may be straightened safely and comfortably using Fastbraces. The patient doesn’t experience any discomfort as a consequence of routine brace adjustments to the right posture. Although the procedure is not considered to be uncomfortable, some individuals may experience some discomfort if their braces are only worn temporarily. The goal of this procedure is to straighten the root, which causes minimal discomfort and needs very little power to move the teeth. Soft tissues are shielded, limiting its effects to only the gums. For a few weeks, it is advised that kids eat only soft foods while they adjust to having braces in their mouths.

Find out if Fastbraces are right for you at Riviera Smiles in Santa Barbara

When it comes to straightening out-of-place or misaligned teeth, there are many treatments available. That said, Fastbraces are a sophisticated orthodontic device that can straighten teeth in as little as 120 days. It employs cutting-edge technology intended to eliminate the two-step procedure of conventional braces in Santa Barbara. Patients see a considerable improvement in their teeth after just a few days.

If you live in or around Santa Barbara, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in determining if Fastbraces, or even Invisalign, is for you. Get the smile you’ve always wanted in under 120 days by calling us now to schedule an appointment.

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